[E-Type] POR 15

I’ve had great results with POR 15 both on cars and
hands. Believe me you don’t want to get this stuff on
your hands!!! If you don’t get it off immediately your
dust, and end up sitting on your hands in those high
powered meetings that we all attend to pay for are
pleasures. Two weeks before it was all gone! I am
finishing a restoration on a 58 Alfa Giulietta Sprint
that was started in 1975[the gentleman died{there’s a
lesson here}before he finished the car-but the POR 15
he applied is hard as a rock -doesn’t chip-doesn’t
peel and does what it says it will. Sometimes some
people jump to negative conclusions about stuff??? No
affliation except as a happy customer.
Jerry- Too many cars and not enough time.__________________________________________________
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