[E-Type] Purring Like A Kitten

Finally, I have my Jag purring like a real cat!
I am not a Jag expert but I’m certainly learning. Over the last
year, I’ve rebuilt the engine lower end, new rings and bearings
(had a bad piston pin) and a valve job (Rebuilt the carbs (Z/S -
all new seals, choke plates, etc). Tightened the timing chains
(upper and lower). But still had a problem with idling (could not
achieve a smooth idle).
My latest Jag-Lovers thread details an issue with my cams. I
learned that I have the newer type cams (4 bolts rather than two),
and, that the valve clearances needed to be set at .014 instead of
their current gap of .008. Dick Maury (Coventry West Rebuild Dept)
explained the newer cam differences and suggested the correct pad
sizes needed. I’ve replaced the pads to reset the valve gaps
to .014 and set the timng to 10 degrees.
The car idles beautifully!! Thanks Dick for your help and patience.–
Jim Tison, '68 2+2,
Cumming, Georgia, United States
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