[E-Type] QUICK! 10 seats available - 3 Laps in D-TYPE - Goodwood Nov 15

As part of the fund raising activities for both Jag-lovers and the
Mike Hawthorn/Lofty England Memorial Fund, Jag-lovers are pleased
to pass on this offer from Nigel Webb, owner of the rebuilt
Hawthorn driven 1955 Le Mans winning D-type, XKD505.


At the JDC E-Type Register’s third Track Day at the Goodwood
Circuit, UK on November 15th 2004, there are 10 places available as
a passenger in XKD505, on a first come first served basis, to those
willing to donate UK75 Sterling ($135) to the worthy causes above -
split 33% to Jag-lovers and the rest to the England/Hawthorn fund.

XKD505 has been rebuilt and actively campaigned over the past few
years, racing with drivers such as Win Percy, Johnny Herbert and
Derek Bell behind the 4-spoke wheel that was always Mike’s hallmark.

Your driver this time will be none other than the legendary Norman
Dewis, who of course needs little introduction here and, now aged
84, is still very much part of the historic Jaguar scene both in
this country and around the world. If Norman can’t make it for any
reason, there’ll be a substitute driver to be determined.

There are some pics of Norman driving XKD505 at Goodwood this year

You will get a signed copy of the best selling DVD ‘Sideways in a D-
Type’ that, amongst interviews and historic footage, shows Win
Percy racing XKD505 for all 14 laps of the Sussex Trophy at
Goodwood in 2002. With an in-cockpit camera, Win later provided a
detailed post race commentary. (By the way, Win is making fastastic
progress since his accident and is determined to be driving pretty
normally by this time next year!). More info at:

25 FREE entries (tickets are normally 2.00 Sterling each!) for the
draw in the ‘Win An X-Type Competition’ that supports the
Hawthorn/Lofty memorial fund for the erection of two statues at
Goodwood - results in Feb 2005. The car is a 2 Litre Sports,
donated by Jaguar Cars Ltd, and affixed with two unique plaques
denoting its special status.

XKD505 only has very basic passenger facilities - it has a
passenger seat but NO headrest, NO windscreen and NO seat belts for
the passenger (see pics below). You must accept the risk if you
want to apply for this ride and would need to take out the
necessary insurance (if it’s available!!) if you felt you required
it. Whatever, you will be required on the day to sign an indemnity
provided by the Goodwood authorities if you are venturing out on
the track as a passenger in any car. Neither Goodwood or Jag-lovers
can of course accept any responsiblity whatsoever for any incident
that might occur before, during or after the ride as a result of
this offer.

If you want to apply, DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY YET. Simply send an e-
mail to the address below with a subject of GOODWOOD RIDE and state
that you are willing to donate the necessary funds (which you’ll
need to do by PayPal or NOCHEX as soon as we request). The first 10
replies will get the chance to accept the offer but we’ll keep more
in reserve for any dropouts. You should have a response within a
day or so, either YES or of course NO if you didn’t make the first
10. As soon as possible, the mail address will return an
automated ‘sorry’ reply once we have reached the required figures.

Note that there MAY be additional rides available on the day
dependent on weather and time. If the event or the ride has to be
cancelled for any reason - such as bad weather, car problems etc -
we’ll endeavour to refund if requested, otherwise your funds will
go to their respective destinations. Entrance to the Goodwood
circuit is free on the day.

Entries ONLY to:


[temporary mail address only]

As a footnote, I have experienced this ride myself (albeit with a
much younger Gary Pearson at the wheel driving flat out) and can
say it was - well no words can really describe it. But I wouldn’t
have missed it for the world. You are risking yourself though as
you would be at any classic car event undertaking such a ride so do
please bear this in mind. There are a few pics here showing what
you are letting yourself in for (but Marilyn won’t be there and it
is very unlikely to be a warm sunny day but you can always hope!):


Hopefully, I’ll be around to take some pics of the winners…Subject: GOODWOOD RIDE

Tony Bailey [X-Type 2.5 SE Estate] Jag-lovers Forum Admin
Sussex, United Kingdom
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