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Tom: my 65 OTS is 1E10516 and it definitely has the 3-54 rear end. So I
would suspect yours has one also.
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Dear fellow listers,
running the risk of asking a previously posed question - I can not
find any answers in my archives or any other.
How can one determine what ration ones car has.
There should be a plate on the housing - It is gone !!!
Dan suggested to check the numbers on the crown - wheel - as this
would offer the ratio - however that would involve removing the cover
on the axle - one hours work approx.
Are there any other ways - and how so in that case.
According to Haddock, the change for the US was made around chassis 1
E 10 760 - as mine is 10455 I am very curious, especially in lieu of
the looming autobahn that lies ahead - desire for smooth crusing at
higher speeds - as opposed to race from redlight to redlight.
Thank you in advance for any suggestion.
65 OTS in SF