[E-Type] Re: better noise insulation?

Hi Eivind, my '61 fhc is somewhat difficult to start after it has been
stood for a while (eg two weeks +). The problem is worse in the winter
when the temperature is very low. Also I have noticed that the engine is
very tempermental in the winter until it gets warmed up. This car has a
completely rebuilt engine with about 3000 miles on it since the rebuild.
My '71 ots is similar after it has been stood, but nowhere near as
tempermental in cold weather. This engine has about 70,000 miles, so is
quite “loose”

Best regards

Ray Sharp

PS It gets bloody cold in Norway in the winter. Could this be the reason
for your difficulty in getting the car started?.----

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 17:30:58 +0100
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Subject: SV: [E-Type] better noise insulation?

I used in my 63 FHC … snip

…When my Serie 1 - 1963 FHC has been standing some > weeks without use it is very difficult to start
I have to crank a lot . Do anyone have the same problem >with this car and model ?

Eivind H�kedal