[E-Type] Re: Check your Clutch Disengages the Drive to the Output shaft of G/Box before

Terry wrote: “It will not work either way, check with a Large Wrench on the
Clutch Throw Out Fork End that petrudes through the Alloy Bellhousing,where
the Slave
Cylinder Rod Connects. Engage A Gear and move the said Fork end with wrench
having the G/Box Companion Flange turned by hand,that is the flange on the
back of the G/Box where the Tail shaft Bolts up. Doing this simple thing
prevents the installation of a Wobbly Set-up.”++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Terry: You have no idea how I wish I had done that before installing the
engine and tranny the first time. Actually, I should have noticed I had no
free play on the fork end when the tranny was bolted to the engine. There
should have been some movement because when the clutch is fully engaged (as in
foot off of the clutch pedal) the throwout bearing should not be contacting
the pressure plate fingers. Dan Mooney’s mechanic told me I should have about
1/16" of “daylight” between the face of the TOB and the clutch fingers.

I guess I learned the hard way so that others might learn by my mistake. :o)

Regards, John Walker
69 2+2