[E-Type] Re: [E-type] '71 Electronic Ignition Problems -- dropping a transmission

– snip-- I’ve been dreading pulling the motor and fixing

it. The last time I pulled the motor I was down 2 weeks. Using your
I should be able to do the job in 2 long nights or a Saturday. THANKS!!

Just my humble 2-cents worth in this thread, folks …

On principle, I agree with everything that’s being said about doing a clutch
in less than a day. That’s because I pulled the gearbox (only) out of my
Ser. III standard E-Type. Jaguar said it couldn’t be done by itself. Local
Jag/Porsche/Rolls/Bentley guy said it couldn’t be done, either. You gotta
take the whole engine out, they all said, (rubbing their hands together in
wicked anticipation of all the hours of labor they could charge.) Uh, uh!
You don’t have to pull the engine. You can pull the gearbox by itself,
folks. I know, I dun it myself, in my home garage. Just had the car up
(very carefully) on jackstands. The big Ser. III secret is that you take off
the top of the gearbox tunnel from inside the car, that way you get access
to all the bell housing bolts. Then, it’s mostly a matter of jiggling and
wiggling some heavy parts until you achieve success. It’s still a big job
… but a heckuva lot smaller than pulling an engine!

Jeff Booth
71 Ser. III 2+2
92 Ser. III VDP V12 (Cdn. spec.)