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Dear Listers;

i have just started to hear a speed related “clicking” sound from the left
rear wheel whilst under acceleration (which is most of the time) on my '63
with original wires.

i am assuming a loose (or broken) spoke but no amount of poking or prodding
will reveal it. i am a cyclist from way back and am comfortable with
bike wheels but is there a special “spoke wrench” for the nipples or should
just use an open end?

any help is appreciated.

I have been very negligent in my attempt to stay current on my e-mails and as
all can see I am only reading the mail from early August. If the issue of
spke wrenches has already been addressed, please accept my apologies for
using up bandwidth.

I have a wrench I purchased from the local SnapOn salesman that is just what
is needed to do a good job adjusting the spokes on our wire wheels. The
number is B 1351 A. It is actually a modified open end wrench with
significantly more metal at the end to minimize the possibility of damaging
the spoke nipple and to also allow the maximum rotation of the wrench without
having to remove it and reposition it on another flat on the nipple. The
trick is finding the SnapOn sales person. The easiest way would probably be
to contact a friendly mechanic that uses SnapOn tools and have him buy the
wrench the next time the sales person visits. I found the wrench was a stock
item so there should not be a need to wait for an order to arrive unless
there is a run on this unusual wrench.

Dave Reinke
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