[E-Type] Re: Just enough oil to be a nuisance

Steve wrote: "I have a problem …The drivers side of my '62 3.8 engine seems
to get coated with a thin veneer of oil whenever I take it out…It seems to
seep from somewhere up in behind the exhaust manifold…seems to be near the
juncture of the head and the block…it seems to me that it has no pressure
behind it.========================================
Steve: I had a similar problem. If it is at the front of the block the head
gasket, where it seals in the area of the timing chains, may be leaking. The
chains sling oil all over when they move, but it is not under pressure. The
leak I got was just a slight drool, that developed into a real nasty leak on a
400 mile trip. You might check the six nuts-on-studs at the front of the head
(two per side, two in front). I have no idea of the specified torque. If it
is at the back of the block it might be the cam feed banjo bolt or the o-ring
on the plug at the back of the cam cover.

Hope this helps, oil leaks only heal themselves when the sump is dry.

Regards, John Walker
69 2+2