[E-Type] Re: Luggage Rack

<< SAFMT@aol.com wrote:

Hope all you folks are gettin’ along- Been following your script on the
“digest” and it works well-
Question- any opinions and\or suggestions as to a luggage rack for my 69
Heard they beat up the boot lid >>

Mine is just fine so I would guess they only beat up the boot lid if it’s
installed upside down!!

Richard Liggitt writes:

Watch ebay as they pop up there every so often. Usually need
rechrome. There is also a guy in San Diego that makes the same
racks and they are about $300 new. He usually advertises/sells his
new bumpers and overriders on ebay.

If you get a used one, make sure it includes the 4 angled cast washers.
Otherwise it won’t mount properly on the boot lid. I have one that’s
missing the washers and I asked Jorge, the guy who makes them new how much
for just the 4 washers and he quoted me around $80.

George Cohn
'70 OTS

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