[E-Type] Re: Tuning (carb adjustment)

Send settings??? One needle is up in the piston, the other is down a
bit below the bottom of the piston. They are at the point where the car
runs at the “optimum” air/fuel ratio at 2000-3000 rpms, under a slight
load. At idle they run rich, as at around 1500 rpm’s also. The needle
that is below the bottom of the piston had to have the end of it emery
papered off so it would not lean clear out at full throttle. The only
way I could get is so “perfect” is because there are 2 carbs and 2
exhaust pipes. I see no way on Gods earth to do this with 3 carbs and
only 2 exhaust pipes, He had enough trouble helping me with only 2.
However, the results are screaming power and a bit over 20 miles per
gallon on the road. This is on an engine with aobut 800 miles on it, not
broken in yet.
Each time a needle is adjusted, the carbs must be re-syncronized. Then
tested for long enough to assure everything is at operating temperature,
under load, at different speeds, under acceleration, under
decelleration, and idleing.
LLoyd -and in my spare time…-

lehalls@us.ibm.com wrote:>

Well, I’ve read a huge amount on these carbs, and my conclusion is that
they’re really not that complicated. What IS complicated is the incredible
amount of permutations of jets/chokes etc that can be gone through before
arriving, if you’re lucky, at the correct combination. Trouble is, that
guesses are usually only good for a very limited rev range. So if you get
it good at idle, you can screw up progression etc. If you’d send me your
settings, I’d like to compare them with what I have in mine.

soothsayer wrote:

I just spent aobut 40 hours adjusting PrtyKtys carbs. Finally got them
to perfect mixture at 2-3,000 rpm’s. I was thinking about doing a
write-up on it, but it’s just too long and complicated.