[E-Type] reputable jag mechanic in Central Florida

I was hoping one of the Florida based owners on the list could
direct me to a reputable mechanic in the Central Florida area.

I live in Cocoa - near the Kennedy Space Center about
50 miles East of Orlando. I would consider anyone within
100 miles to be “close”.


I find it disturbing that there are zero replies to this. What do the FL Jag owners do for service?

I sold my Ocala project because I couldn’t locate anyone who would tackle its rear wheel arch repairs.
'66 fhc

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That’s a darn shame it came to that. What do you do for service, at the like?

What might I get myself in to getting one of these things? The closest reputable jag restoration shop that I know of is 5 hours away - Rick Hunt in Ft Meyers.

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Thanks, Paul. His name came up in a J-L search I just did.

Also, “The Jaguar Doctor” in Winter Park, FL came up in a Google search. Yelp reviewers give good comments. Maybe hope is not lost after all.

Wow you managed to resurrect a 21 year old thread! This one’s even before my time and I’m an old timer here. Old threads never die, they just go to sleep.


Wow you managed to resurrect a 21 year old thread! This one’s even before my time and I’m an old timer here. Old threads never die, they just go to sleep.

I go through threads on J-L often to try and learn. I can’t help but notice there’s not much going on in FL. If I ever do end up with an e, I’m going to need some help with it occasionally. I just had to ask.

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You’re wise to. When I started daydreaming about one 20 years ago that was the first thing I checked. Lucky me Classic Jaguar was 10 miles from me. I’d honestly be shocked if there wasn’t some place decent in FL. It’s a pretty popular state for sports cars right?

I wonder if this place would have some recommends? I almost bought a Lotus from them.


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Thanks, and yes, FL is great for sports cars, but an e is no ordinary sports car, right? I only see them at car shows- and not that many - and have yet to see one on the road.

Funny you use the word, ‘daydreaming’. I’ve been wondering lately if that’s all I’m in store for.

I’ll check out the wirewheel. Thanks for that.

And a very trusting gentlemen too…
While replacing my interior the supplier forgot to send me the jute for the rear bulk head. I wanted the real stuff and during my search came across Paul Tsikuris who had a good size piece which he sold for $50…He asked for my address but after I gave him the info the line dropped and even after several attempts to contact him…no luck ! Work, family stuff , etc…I forgot about calling him back but lo and behold the chunk of jute showed up on my porch a week later ! We finally connected and I was able to get his info and send a check.

Just can’t beat old school, good guys !

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Thanks, and good to know. I just checked out his FB, and it seems as though he’s been around these jags for a while. I have him bookmarked if it ever comes to needing his services.

I wonder if he would have any leads on e’s f/s?

Sorry Carlo not following …“f/s”…

Sorry, Marco. for sale (f/s)

Got it ! (its my bed time).
Very possible and only one to find out…

Good luck and the right one will find you :wink:


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I’d bet WireWheel might. If you look at their site they’ve sold a few as well as other British cars. They’ve kind of made Loti a specialty but they do sell other things

I bought my '69 2+2 from them - more sales than service

I am lucky, if I need a hand with something, a couple local E owners which are also members on this forum come over to help. I am in central Florida if anyone needs help as well.

Carlos, ellectrically and mechanically I’m DIY. But metalwork, I’m clueless.

'6f fhc

Same here, for the most part- not with Jags, though (yet?). The body-work / paint is the real killer for me.

Every e on that site is listed as sold, but I’ll keep checking.