[E-Type] Rubber bumper seals; rear

I just installed one of the rear bumpers. The rubber edge seal fit
nicely with one exception: Where it wraps back around the pointy
end of the blade, the seal drops below the edge of the wheel arch
about a quarter of an inch. Looks odd as it interrupts the nice
curve of the arch. The back side of the seal was trimmed around
the pointy curve so it lays nice and flat around that sharp radius,
and it’s snug against the bottom edge of the blade.

So, is this correct??? I’ve noticed this in a number of photos and
always thought it looked a little odd…but perhaps it was that way
from the factory. By the way, these are the original factory
bumpers (rechromed) and there was zero damage at the rear of the
car. It fits into the original holes and shimmed up with an even
gap with little difficulty. Comments?

DFW Texas, United States
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