[E-Type] Rust under bump stop

Getting my car ready to go to get media blasted and primed on
Monday. Read all the posts about grinding off the rear syspension
bump stop and did it today as my last task.

Even though the bump stop and surronding areas looked fine and had
good paint I was in for an unpleasent surprise. Under the bump
stop on both sides the frame was badly rusted. Holes big enough to
put my finger completely through the frame. Not happy to find but
glad I found it now instead of latter.

I think I can cut and weld in a patch that should be fine.

So if you were not thinking about grinding off these you may want
to rethink.

Dennis Tarkir
71 Series II FHC
67 Unipower GT
65 Mustang GT–
Dennis Tarkir
Oakton, VA, United States
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