[E-Type] S III Flywheel Woes

HI Jeff , Since I removed my transmission last winter I think I can
offer a points of information . Firstly , I am quite sure that it is
necessary to remove the the engine + transmission as a unit to do this
job . I know that on occasion some will say that it is possible to take
out the gearbox without removing the engine . Personally I really don’t
know how they do it , and could it imagine that it could need more than
one person under there , and while that may be possible to do this in a
shop with all the latest lifts etc. I don’t think it is possible for a
home fix it .
That said my approach is to back the car on to the ramps so that
the back is up in the air somewhat , and then the front is raised with
jacks under the main cross beam of the picture frame , suitably
protected with 2x4 wood , and then prop with axle stands . The engine is
really quite easy to remove with the appropriate engine lift , and
getting all the stuff off the car first id really the only challenge. As
per ROM use a longer chain on the rear . It is useful to be able to
lower the front of the car ( on the jack ) when teasing the engine etc.
out of the frame .
Can’t help on the replacement flywheel , but check with the
restorers who may have spares around after fitting aluminum ones . Hope
this helps , John M Holmes , 1973 S III 2+2 , Supra 5-speed , Ont .

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