E-type seat leather

where can i get new lower left oem seat cover. i have the original coventry leather now. one pleat has pulled apart.

Likely the best source is OSJI, out of Indiana.

Hi Ron,

Any chance you can post a picture of your seat cover? Is just the stitching between the pleats broken or is the leather torn? Common stitching problem with the use of cotton based thread back in the day. If it’s just a stitching problem a good upholster may be able to remove the cover, restitch the pleat to repair and reinstall the cover. You may also want the other pleats restitched with a good Nylon thread – just in case.

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I can confirm they will sell individual pieces; you won’t need to buy any kind of a set or an entire seat covering.

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Where are you located? If you are anywhere near Garden Grove, CA I recommend you see K&H European Autoupholstery (https://www.khupholstery.com/product-category/jaguar/). They sell kits, or any piece you want. If you can bring them the seat, or car, they will cut and fit leather to YOUR car, not just a generic one size fits all.

I agree they are great…ask for Nicole for a special treat

Thanks and yes. It is just the stitching on one pleat. Now to find a good upholsterer, not as many around these days.

If you have any automotive trim supply companies close by you might go there and ask for suggestions. I was at one a couple of years ago looking at vinyl pattern options for one of my other cars and found a guy who did very nice work at his home. I bought all the supplies and took my seats to his house. Two days later they were like new for a very reasonable price. Just a thought.

68 E-type FHC

I have since found the company that makes the original Coventry covers at a reasonable price….OSJI


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