[E-Type] Series 1 Alternator Kit

A while back, I asked if anyone knew of a bolt-on, plug-in, EASY Delco
alternator conversion “kit”.
One lister replied giving the web site of a company in England which I chose
not to pursue (I DO appreciate the lead though), and a few others said they
wanted to know what I found out.
Well, my S1 FHC & I have recently visited Classic Jaguar in Austin, and
returned home with a 105 amp Delco alternator conversion. John used my car
as a “test”, and designed a “bolt-on, plug-in” kit. Dan said they’ll be
offering it to the public soon. They’re having the brackets made up now, and
they’ve made a little wiring kit that plugs in to the alternator at one end,
and in to the Jag wiring at the other. Very neat.
If you didn’t know it was “wrong”, you’d never know by looking. The casual
observer will surely miss it.
(Dan, please correct any details I got wrong.)
I just returned from my first midnight drive using the new system. It is
truly a pleasure to see the ammeter stay in the Charge Zone when the
hi-beams are on, and to have the turn signals continue to blink at idle.
As always, and as you’ve heard from others, Dan & Justine are wonderful
hosts and very generous. I recommend the trip to Austin for the dinner if
nothing else!
I was not charged for the design time, and paid only for the alternator and
other parts as if they’d been on the shelf, and labor for installation.
So, those of you considering trying to figure the brackets & wiring out for
yourself, call Dan instead!
Jim C.
'62 FHC (shhh Delco Lump)
'64 MGB (Also Delco lump by local mechanic. Not pretty.)
'91 Miata (59,000 miles, never been in the shop. The MGB perfected.)