E-type Series 3 FHC Crazy Gas Filler Drain(s)!

So, my gas filler compartment isn’t draining properly. I’ve searched and read many posts here in the forum and understand that the filler compartment drain tube drops down to a Y connection, joining a drain tube from the rear door, which I can’t find. And the resultant tube exits in a hole behind the left rear wheel in the quarter panel, which I found. Now, here’s my situation. There are two holes in the filler compartment (see photo). The odd-shaped one has no tube and drops down about 8" (checked with coat hanger) onto a metal surface of some kind. When I pour water into it, the water drains out of the shock absorber metal surround onto the ground.

The filler compartment round hole has a tube which drops down about a foot onto a metal surface of some kind (coat hanger) and also drains out of the shock absorber metal surround onto the ground. I tried the coat hanger in the normal exit hole behind the rear wheel, but it wouldn’t go even an inch. And there’s no water draining there.

I can’t see anything because of the gas tank. Anyone have an idea just where the water is going? Is it a problem?

You should have only one hole. That hole has a metal pipe welded to the base of the filler compartment. A tube connects it to a tube in the LH quarter panel, also attached to the tube in the quarter panel via a y connection pipe is another tube which comes from one of two boot lid channel drain holes.

It appears your filler compartment has another hole punched into it and both holes are draining through the boot floor, probably the tank sump area, unless someone has made an addition drain hole in your boot floor.

I would remove the tank, connect drain hoses correctly and fill the extra drain holes.

Sorry, just noted its a 2+2, there is no y pipe, the rear hatch drains via a single hole through the centre bottom of the hatch aperture, down behind the rear number plate light. My suggestion still stands.