[E-Type] Series III Carb backfire ("snap") under acceleration

I’ve been experiencing a carb backfire from one of the two
carbs on the driver’s side carb banks under moderately heavy
acceleration. I recently took apart and cleaned the
distributor components (cap, rotor, timing rotor, pickup,
weights) and checked the pressure on the vacuum unit. I
haven’t checked the timing. Aside from timing (have no idea
how to do it), I’m suspecting that the problem might be a
vacuum leak in regard to one of the driver’s-side carbs, or
that one of the carbs might be running too lean, or a
rotated needle in one of carbs,(the dampers hold ATF well),
or possibly and arc from one of the spark wires. I have a
leaking driver’s-side valve cover gasket (the passenger side
gasket had shop rags stuffed between the valve cover and
the firewall–firewall being the operative word!) and in
removing and replacing the driver’s-side valve cover gasket
(disconnect throttle linkage, vacuum lines, intake
manifold, valve cover, gaskets), I am wondering if this
might kill-two-birds-with-one-stone (in checking for vacuum
leaks that might be associated with the backfire) while I
replace the driver’s-side valve cover gasket. Again thanks
for help.–
Robert, Minneapolis MN. 72 Series III 2+2
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