E Type Series III Factory Hardtop

My 1974 E Type is a long ways from completed, but I want to start a search to see if anyone has a Series III factory hardtop in decent shape that they would part with. I know these are rare and getting expensive and am willing to pay reasonable market price. Black or Regency Red with all the chrome, glass and a good headliner is preferred, but whatever you have that is restorable will be considered.



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Also, if you know of an available one other than in public listings that I end up buying, I will happily pay 10% finder’s fee.

Hello Rob,
there is one for sale on bringatrailer.com auction.
Further 1-2 used in Germany or one offer new in UK.
From a shipping standpoint I would have a look at the BAT auction.
best regards

Thanks, Thomas, but that BAT hardtop is a Series I hardtop, and while I understand they may be interchangeable between Series I and II, I need a Series III hardtop for the 1971-1974 V-12 E Types.