[E-Type] SII tyres/Dennis

Dennis, I got P4000 Touring for my SII 2+2 205 70 15 and they make a great
Cheap and transform the car into a real “corner carver” which it never was
because of those extra inches, 9 , I believe. Also got new tubes [Michelin
Racing tubes]. The tread pattern is also good but does make some noise. Most
of the time I cannot hear the tyres over the exhaust. Good tyre shot at:
I now have about 5K miles on them without any gripes. Make sure that when any
new tyre is mounted that all tags and labels on the inside are removed as
they tend to rub holes in the tube. Good luck on your tyre purchase. It will
make a BIG difference in your car. I have tires on my other cars.
Allan 69 2+2

Glad to seethis, Allan. As a matter of fact, I do too.
LLoyd -who NEVER made a typo-

Allan or Judith Mandell wrote:>…

I have tires on my other cars.
Allan 69 2+2

On Nigel Wrench, my other TR250, I cleaned the wire wheels inside the rims,
repainted them with a 2 part epoxy paint and put the unmounted wheel on the
car and got some 50 year silicone in construction tubes and spread a thick
coat smoothly over the wire nuts sealing the spokes. I spun the wheel on
the car so I could get an even bead. when I sold Nigel (9 years and two
tire changes later) the wheels were still air tight.

I was surprised that the wheels used substantially less lead than with tubes.

I will do this on Sleeping Beauty as well.