[E-Type] smokin' xj6

Anything is possible but unlikely that high oil pressure will cause the
car to smoke. And yes that sounds a little high to me as well. After
what you describe I’d be looking for some emissions gadget that was
allowing crankcase oil to get into the intake system. Also, is he/she
adding oil? On older cars with auto trans (not sure about this car
though) the there is a vacuum modulator on the tranny that could rupture
and feed trans fluid right into the intake manifold. People would
always wonder where the fluid was going when there were no obvious
pauls 67ots

Sorry that this isn’t exacly an EType question, but since I have an
EType, this is the list I’m subscribed to and I
figured there might me someone here who could help. A friend has a 70
XJ-6 and can’t get it to pass
emissions testing because of visible smoke. He has had new rings
installed and also had the head re-done
to include new guides and seals (even put seals on the exhaust side).
But it STILL smokes. He tells me that
when Idling, he reads 60 Lbs. oil pressure (with a mechanical gauge) and
it goes above 60 under load. This
seems a tad high to me, and given the other work that’s been done, I was
wondering if high oil pressure could
contribute to the problem? Any thoughts or suggestions would be
appreciated. BTW, he has ordered a new
Oil Pressure Relief valve.

67 OTS #1E13333
<<<From: Cyril Stanton cystanton@earthlink.net
Subject: [E-Type] XK Engine Smoking