[E-Type] Some Parts Vendors Test on their Clients

HI! Listers,

Do not waste your money on Four Piston Alloy Callipers.
For those of you who for some reason have learnt to believe that Ventilated
Rotors Discs are going to Stop better with Alloy Callipers, your Wrong, the
Girling Three Piston Callipers will out Stop and for a longer Period of time
then any Alloy after Market Calliper.
UNLESS you are having a problem where you consistently Burn the Dust Cover
Seals, Do not Worry about the Alloy Calliper, most of them have Suspect
Alloy Mount Brackets in the Kit.
Unless your going to Race the Car and never drive it on the Road, the Jaguar
Range will more then Suffice.
I have had over the years all kinds of parts given to me to try, including
Alloy Callipers.
I have now Right infront of me Some Impressive 4 Piston Alloy Units,Just
Tested them before the owners
Eyes,showed him how they flex,Absolute Junk,Like some of the Alloy Wheels
that Fall to Bit’s.
Most Alloy Callipers are the Same, they all have the same options when you
order them, some have a better
Brand Name, Brembo are one of the most respected, there are others.
At the end of the Day unless your going to run extra Large Floating
Ventilated Brake Rotors within 17" or 18"
Wheels, the Series 3 Jag although heavy will do just as good most of the
time better.
In Australia many High Powered Sports Sedan Racers Have used the Jag
Callipers in preference to the Most Expensive Alloy ones, one must ask why.
Don’t think because we are so far away from America that we don’t Kick Ass,
just ask some of the US Drivers that have been over here ask Holman & Moody
how their V/8’s
gone blown off. Ask Tom Walkinshaw how tough our Circuits and Drivers are?
If you need to put shiny Callipers on you Car to make you feel better,have
the Jag ones Plated.
I can not stress enough that some of these Alloy Callipers are absolute
Junk,and the Mounting Plates
are Shiny and dangerous.
Having said that there are some nice looking 4 Piston Callipers made in the
UK, I have not seen them but I would like to, is it Coppercraft ? they Look
like a Volvo Copy with different Lugs ?
You can fit the Volvo 4 Pistons, but they flex, Do the Splits.

Before you start E-Mailing me with all sorts of Defences Re: Alloy
An Australian Buy them and flog them off to unsuspecting Buyers.
A bit like Alloy Conrods, Beautiful looking things when they are together.
Some Vintage Parts Vendors should Test Their Product Lines on the Race Track
before Testing on their Clients.
If you have 600 HP and need Brakes for your Jag E-Mail me, I will tell you
about the Water Cooled ones used by Ozzies when braking Down Hill from over
!50 MPH.
Otherwise the Ser 3 XJ Series is the best you need.
The Extra Sprung Weight, will not affect your Lap times around any track in
Draw your own Conclusions
Terry Handley Bathurst