[E-Type] Sometimes the easy way IS!

In a previous thread I had asked several questions about
installing new motor mounts in the ‘70 OTS…
There were many responses, and I appreciate that very
Virtually everyone thought that removing the 7/8 inch (19
MM) bolt from the rubber mount, then removing the two 5/16’’
bolts, (as per the manual), was the best and easiest way…
It was also suggested that I loosen the stabilizer stud at
the rear. Which I decided not to do.
After struggling with the big bolt in the passenger side
mount for almost two hours, due to such limited access, and
weird bracket angle, I decided to do it the ‘‘easy’’ way, and
remove the three bolts that hold the entire bracket onto the
engine block…This took only 15 minutes…I then removed
the old mount, and attached the new one…Voila! Easy-
The three bolts went right back in, and everything was back
together in no time.
Now, I do have a lift, with a 3500 Lb bridge jack…and I
did follow one very good suggestion , to use strong boards
under the sump, and a curved brace under the front of the
Thanks to all who made suggestions…
It’s not a car, it’s a career!
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