[E-Type] spark knock with 9:1, HOT

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I found that my Etype just wouldn’t run properly on our 96 unleaded. It was
ok until it got hot then it used to pink like a skeletin in a tin box. >>

When I lived in Houston the local jag engine guru would tell you to use 8:1
to avoid spark knock. It would get over 100 degrees for days at a time.
Despite thicker radiator core, accessory fan, the water temp often went to
200 C .

    Well, that's HOT! Even more than the Finnish sauna ;-)

Things are different here in Seattle. But I just rebuilt the motor
again with 8:1, and on a 90 degree day had a trace of rattle on a hill.

    Hope these were Fs...

was the octane available in the US in the '60s compared to now ? I think
different ratings are used now. In 1970 I used Sunoco 260 on my Z-28 Camaro
with 11.25 :1 without much rattle- even went to 12:1 on rebuild . Either the
Jag head characteristics are way poorer or the gas was way better then


    Sorry Doug, couldn't resist...