[E-Type] SUV content - Don't confuse bad SUV drivers with SUVs

Gentlefolk, Luke & Paul –

I think this discussion about SUVs is somehow confusing bad SUV drivers (and
their accidents) with the SUV-type vehicle itself. I agree that if I were
to slam into someone with my 3/4 ton Suburban they would be hurt and damaged
worse than if I were in my 1985 Toyota Camry. However, I always drive a
vehicle based upon its characteristics (handling, braking, etc.) which means
that I drive the Suburban more slowly and leave more room between me and the
car in front, than I do when driving a smaller car with nimble handling,
brakes and accelaration. My personal observation is that the population of
SUV owners has a high density of stupid drivers, especially on wet, icy or
snowy roads. They often drive way beyond their vehicles safe limits, in my
observation. What I’m saying is that, when properly and carefully driven
according to the vehicle’s capabilities, an SUV is not significantly more
dangerous to others than any other vehicle. And, Paul, I will not get
annoyed if you pass me while I’m driving my Suburban – but, you might
consider just looking under my Suburban?! ;-))

I would like to add another pet peeve to this discussion, while we are on
the subject of dangerous vehicles. I think the modern dark-tinted windows
are a menace. First, I would hate to be a cop coming up to a car with such
windows and, for my part, I don’t like to be behind a vehicle equipped with
such windows b/c you can’t see through the vehicle immediately in front of
you to what’s ahead of that vehicle. Of course, in my Suburban I can
usually just look over the vehicle in front of me.


1989 3/4 ton Suburban
various other classic cars, tractors and dogs

I agree that the DRIVER makes a world of difference. For those folks in areas
that require the SUV capabilities (Snow, rural, etc) people have used
Suburbans, 4x4 trucks, Jeeps, etc. It has only been lately that the SUV has
become the upper middle class fashion statement and a possible solution for
the auto industries fuel economy quota crunch for passenger cars. SUV’s will
always be with us but the numbers we se today will wane as people rush to the
next fad. (Luxury compacts?)
1963 FHC (a compact with leather)