[E-Type] "The Yellow Rolls-Royce"

About 6 months ago, a coworker of mine and I were sharing details
about movies we thought we relly cool. We’re both car nuts, so
movies like McQueen’s ‘‘LeMans’’ and ‘‘Bullit’’ were yakked about. I
told Him about a movie I thought, and still do think, is one of the
top ‘car movies’ of all time, ‘‘The Yellow Rolls-Royce.’’ He’d never
heard of it!
So, I took it upon myself to get it…somehow…little did I know…
Well, it arrived yesterday, after waiting nearly 6 months for it. I
had tried all the usual susspects and finally found a place
called ‘‘The Moviehunter.’’ He’s slow, but he’s good!
I watched it today (cold, blowy, nasty day: perfect to watch a
movie on the barcalounger!) and…WOW!!!
A stellar cast (Rex Harrison, Omar Sharif, Ingrid Bergman, George
C. Scott, Art Carney, and…Wally Cox), a wonderful RR (Bob
Moore, shall we trade movies?) and what I experienced while
watching hte movie was NOTHING I anticipated: Pangs of loss and the
rush of good memories.
See, my parent’s had (had:frowning: ) a 1935 PIII RR, one of the
greatest cars of the 30s. The PII in the movie wasn’t quite the
magnificent machine the PIII’s were, but…it WAS a Rolls!
I watched the movie, and just longed to have that car back! Dad’s
car was a similar body style to the PII in the movie and Dad’s plan
was to mimic the color scheme of the movie car on the PIII (black
fenders, yellow-gold center section, black towncar top).
Anyway, I’ll see if I know anyone who can make copies inexpensively
and if any of my dear fellow listers wish a copy, for the cost of
the tape, I’ll post one to ya! You WON’T regret having this one
in your library! No Jag content, but it WAS about a Brit car!–
Paul Wigton, 1963 FHC, called Tweety!
Brighton, CO, United States
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