E type thottle by cable set up

(Paul Wigton) #28

Look forward to seeing the setup!

(Ed Overmyer) #29

I like this discussion on “improvements” and “upgrades” to our E-Types.
Yes, the cables loop around the front of the engine on top of the picture frame. They are tied off to the top of the fan motor bracket with the black plastic, white knob ties used to to hold the wiring. And it does look a bit odd.
Great that Ray has come up with a shorter cable set up that doesn’t have all of the other stuff. IIRC, the Mangoletsi cost around $2k. It wasn’t simple to install either.
Granted, it may not have been set up correctly, but the main problem I had with the original contraption was that upon hard acceleration the engine rotated to the right enough to momentarily hang up the crude ball joint at the end of the rod. At least it seemed that way to me, and to one of my go to Jag friends who suggested a cable throttle.
Here is a photo of the Mangoletsi pedal layout. Another regret, at the bare tub stage of this restoration, I should have extended the sunken floor to the right as far as possible without interfering with the exhaust.


(j limongelli) #30

Me too…

(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #31

FWIW, here’s a pic of part of the cable throttle setup I had on the car when it had Webers. It shows the simple mechanism used to utilize the standard rods from the pedal to the firewall, and then cable to the carbs. It made a huge difference to throttle feel and application for the Webers…have a couple more pics if interested…


(Ed Overmyer) #32

Hi Wiggles,
I use my OTS in precisely timed classic car rallies that require constant, exact speeds over hundreds of miles. The winners hit many legs to the exact second after 3-4 hours of driving. I’ll never finish anywhere near the money, but the cable throttle sure makes some degree of precision and consistency easier for me.

(j limongelli) #33

Interested and Interesting!

(Larry velk) #34

My throttle didn’t return all that well, despite a pretty complete review of the system (ALL new parts, including the carbs)

. Rather than putting super stiff springs all over the place, I found where a stock (SNG) spring - which isn’t all that stiff, would do the most good
BTW, the copper tube is to make sure the hose never fouled the linkage - the tube isn’t kinked, it’s a photo artifact.

(67 OTS S1) #35


Sign me up for one. Need a test bed?

(DINO) #36

I have the dual cable Mangoletsi set up, works great operating the three throttle bodies. The pedal feels more like a modern car, can’t say how it would feel on a carb set up, I’m assuming similar.

(Paul Wigton) #37

MAN, that is a pretty piece of kit!

(DINO) #38

It was -20 in the garage a couple of weeks ago… for kicks I thought I would give it a shot…
Vroooommm no issues. First shot start up.

(Paul Wigton) #39

Well!! THAT has completely ruined the period correctness and feel of the car!

Hell, you might as well put vented disc rotors on it…:slight_smile:

(DINO) #40

And then…

(Ed Overmyer) #41

I was just under the car and realized the reaction plate mounting point would prevent any modification to this part of the floor.

(j limongelli) #42

Yours is a left hand drive

Where do the cables go

(David Ahlers) #43

I always wondered how Mangolesti could get $2k for throttle cable conversion when you can buy 2’-4’ cables and ends from Summit Racing for under $100. One might need to fab some brackets and holders, sure. But $2k? Kiss me, please. Maybe its billet?
My typical issue is my foot position: Toeing at the pedal bottom as opposed to smoother operation and greater leverage with toe at the top of the pedal. I think I got the front wheels of the ground once when the car was cold!
Still that cross firewall linkage would make a German engineer proud. So many pieces and geometry calculations. I smell Fahrvergnügen!
10 pages of cables, enjoy.

cables galore

(DINO) #44

The kit is complete with pedal assembly and everything required for a successful install all you need is to order the left hand drive kit. The adjustable pedal position is a great feature.

I ran the cable along the front of the frame to the driver side firewall to the pedal assembly

(DINO) #45


The kit’s pretty complete with a sexy adjustable pedal and alloy assembly.

A bit pricey true but the quality and performance is fantastic.

This is what I like about Mangoletsi FI kit it’s a well thought out kit designed by etype experts for e type enthusiasts.

Yes you could do it cheaper yourself as everything else in the world … it’s not just 2 4ft cable and a bracket you can fabricate in shop class.:grin:

(j limongelli) #46

dino, did you strap it to the frame all the way around and I need to know if the cables wouldrun below the STOCK TRIANGLE cleaner.
Looks neat

(peder) #47

I have ot on 3 cars and think
Jaguar should have done it from day 1. Simple technology. But one car won´t let me get the idle down below 1000 rom, and after a 20 min run the idle settles at 1300. Very annoying!