E-Type V12 engine and gearbox

I am looking for an engine and gearbox for a Series III E-Type we have here that appears to have lost it’s main lumps somewhere along the line!! We want a reconditionable engine, but needs to have all ancillaries like starter, alternator, induction, carbs, water pump, manifolds and so on. Anyone got a good engine and box kicking around gathering dust? We can arrange shipping to South Africa Thanks. Geoff Connor. Jeff’s Jags Johannesburg.

I may have an engine for you. Possibly also a tranny but probably won’t be able to get it to you until May. Winter here in Canada and won’t be getting at it until the snow is gone.

Hi John

Thanks so much for responding to our advert.

Of course the cost of shipping the thing from Canada to South Africa may be prohibitive, but let’s see…

When you have time please send me all the details of the engine: engine number, what you know of it’s history, whether it turns over OK, whether it has all of the ancillaries and so on.

Thanks so much again.


PS: My workshop manager (Derrick Phillips) emigrated from here to Vancouver and now runs the CMP main vehicle workshop there!

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