[E-Type] Vinyl licence plate test update

This is the final installment on the test of the vinyl license plate
that I participated in.
Sorry, but I changed computers and forgot who it was that furnished
the plates for testing, but it is a ‘sticker type’ of plate placed on
the bonnet of the Silver Fox. I put it on in November, and it stayed on
till June, when I removed it to paint the car.
It sat through the rainy season, car washes, 120 MPH winds (driving
that fast), sun and got oak tree sap dripped on it. I did not take good
care of it because it was a test, but I did not abuse it either. I
installed it correctly and that was it.
It worked great, it never peeled or came un-glued at all. When I
finally removed it, I didn’t use heat, but wanted to see how well it was
stuck on. I started at one corner and pulled, removing about seven
layers of old original cheap laquer paint, down to the primer. Man, that
baby stuck.
Results? Highly recommended. Thanks for letting me try it out.