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Welcome to the list! The folks on the list have been a great help for
me for over 10 years of ownership of our '72. We just finished 4 years
worth of restoration, and I couldn’t have done it all without help from
those experienced here on the list.

Yes, I’d agree, rust is the main culprit on these cars. Our '72 had some
floor patches, so digging deeper I decided to replace the entire pass
side floor and frame rail supports, along with the bulkhead. This was a
major setback in my engine rebuild and bay restoration(which was due to
a valve seat ‘drop’ which took out a piston and liner), but in the long
run I’m glad I had it apart to see it more closely.Rocker panels are
notorious for rust as they’re unpainted inside, and invisible unless you
perform surgery. The magnet and “rust rain” hammer trick will tell you.
Hopefully yours is ok, but inspect closely.

The other thing I can advise you of is the electrical system. Carefully
inspect wiring, fuse blocks, harness plugs and connectors for corrosion.
Repair or replace anything that is suspicious, especially brittle
wiring. It can be a dangerous. Your '84 XJ6 was probably ok, but a 64
E-Type is more susceptible I’d say.

Books are a MUST. We need all the help we can get. Just be cautious of
some documents, as I’ve found many of the Jaguar publications have
errors, especially the Parts Books pictures. I’ve been burned a few

Good Luck!
72 SIII V12 2+2(wife’s car…I’m just the mechanic!)
59 Corvette(my car)

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To All,
I am new on this list! I did “restoration” on an 84 xj6 and have been
through most of the car. I got the car in 94 ( a basket case) Once I
got it
running my wife took over my car and has been driving it ever since. I
been repairing, fixing and restoring over the last 7 years and I enjoy
labor. I have the “opportunity” to bring another basket case (this time
literally) to life. (64 XKE) I am approaching retirement and I need
something to do rather than bother my wife 12 hours a day! I have been
to the ease of getting parts (mail order) at reasonable prices and
advice from the xj discussion group. they have been a lifesaver.
Can you advise me on what to expect as I have no knowledge of the xke.
starting from where do I find repair manuals, parts catalogues.
I hope I can be a helpful and contributing member!