[E-Type] Where did the wire go? -End of Saga, or Where it Went

I posted a question about a week ago regarding the
disappearence of the red wire connecting to the left side
rear tailight. In the brief time that the wires were
disconnected from the lamp assembly, it looked like the red
wire disappeared down the hole (like the rabbit in Alice). I
tried fishing it out, used my ‘‘grabber’’, as was suggested,
but to no avail. So I decided to dril a 7/8’’ hole underneath
the existing hole to get better access.

Basically, I was mistaken. There was no red wire that
disappered, but it was a quadruple, insulated, barrel type
connector that fell back into the hole. with red wires
attached. The red wire from the lamp assembly went to one of
the positions and the other two are the feed from the wiring
harness from up front, and another red wire going to the
license plate lamps and other tailight. What I saw as a red
wire was the red wire going to the license plate lights.
With my braad new access hole, I was able to move the quad
bullet connector so I could plug in the wire from the lamp
assembly and I pushed everything back through the hole,
using a new grommet as the old had done its duty for 37
years and was sent to greener pastures.

The new access hole was doubly useful since guess what I saw
inside. Hint, it is a four letter word that begins with ‘‘R’’
and ends in ‘‘T’’. I used the hole to spray in some rust
inhibitor stuff and plugged it up with a 7/8’’ hole plug.

Tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to put back the lamp and
finally take the car on the road.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions on getting the quandry solved.

Mike Form
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