[E-Type] WTB: still looking for a non-junk S1 instrument ID strip

Anyone have a NOS or not damaged used Series 1 ID strip for sale? The
repros are all terrible as far as I can see. Wrong lettering, printed
instead of molded, etc., etc… The orignal one I have seems to have
previously fallen prey to clumsy opening of the electrical service panel.


Wow talk about trying to revive the dead! But Still.
Has this ever been resolved?
Has anyone ever reproduced a proper ID strip?
If not SURELY in this day of 3 D printers it should be quite easy to reproduce…

That may be a new world record.

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Hoping Tim is still with us! I bought a repro about six years ago. Took one look at it and put it back in the shipping tube. She’s still running the original. Paul.

“I’m not dead yet!”

Hi Paul & friends :slight_smile:

Wow, this is a real blast from the past. I eventually got a nice used strip from a Jag breaker. I have two almost-acceptable repros on the shelf if anyone wants them. One has printed lettering a bit too small, the other has properly molded letters but the backside paint application makes the lettering not as crisp as desired.

Finally got a new top put on last year, after 20 years of true OTS driving. A new wheel kit is finally on the way after a one year backorder. The Jag world moves slowly.

Cheers, all.

That would be a perfect part for Marek to reproduce. He has the equipment to do perfect replicas.

3D printing? Forget it. Not for that part.