[E-Type] X-type, off topic

Ironic, I also s*bsribe to an Audi list and just this week these issues
came up but primarily railing against so-called FWD performance cars.
All agree that RWD is the best for all out performance and a FWD
performance car is nearly an oxymoron. The Audi isn’t as nimble as a
BMW and I doubt the X-type will be either but since the typical driver
is, IMHO, inept anyway I don’t think the edge the BMW offers is of much
help to them. Whereas AWD and even FWD can be of help in everyday
driving conditions, especially AWD, even to an inept driver like me :slight_smile:

pauls 67ots (audi A4 2.8qm)

Hey Jeb,
No one doubts the merits of AWD under certain conditions. But
did Jaguar go this route? Do really think if Ford would have gone the
route if they had a small RWD platform? Did a Ford planning committee
down one day and say, “hey, forget BMW, let’s go after Subaru and Audi?”
Don’t all of these cars behave like overweight understeering
until things get really bad?
I don’t like to admit it on this list, but I’m a “crossover”
owner of a BMW 325i., and there’s nothing remotely comparable in the
performance/handling arena than a RWD straight six. The new BMW 3
offers 228 hp–Jaguar can slap on all the el-cheapo version of Wilton
leather and wood it wants, but that Ford duratec V6 with AWD just won’t
the performance mustard. (And I suspect the small Audi will compare
favorably too).
I have no doubt it will be profitable–just like the repulsive
Lincoln Navigator–there are undereducated nondiscriminatory buyers
I guess if Porsche can enter the SUV market, God forbid, and Mercedes
sell a miserable little city car, Jaguar has the right to sell a 4WD
Jeb, the world really is coming to an end!

Rob MacLachlan

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