E-types at Goodwood

The Goodwood live stream is on over the next 3 days. The E-types are scheduled to race Oct 17 at 16.50 and Oct 18 at 16.45 England time. So far it looks like they have been using some drones and catching really good angles and shots during the races that I have not seen before.

68 E-type FHC

Good stuff. I’ve been watching on this rainy day here. Thanks for the heads up.

Agree, it’s interesting to see the chicane from a drone shot…makes it look a WHOLE lot faster from above!

Stirling Moss Memorial race just ended. One hour race, E types lead to the end and bloody marvelous! Thanks for the link.

Broke my heart that the leading E was damaged so badly in the mutli-car crash early on. Was so cool to see the brakes glowing red on those two E’s battling it out at the end. I love that they run this race at sunset. The RAC Celebration TT race Sunday at 16.45 has the Light Weight E’s and should be just as good.

68 E-type FHC

Don’t worry, that car will be repaired as good as new, and back on track in a matter of weeks.

It’s amazing what skilled craftsmen and cubic dollars can accomplish together.

Here are the still-frames from the moments after the lead E-type punted the Lotus Elite off the track, and then collected up the 250 SWB Ferrari.

The best replay of the wreck is at about 7 hours and 24 minutes in the video link below.

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Shame: it was the lead E’s fault.

I tend to agree. It was an “ambitious” move to say the least, and there’s no doubt he thought the Lotus was going to give him more room, but the onus is on the over-taking car to ensure the pass is safe.

Maybe there was some shared blame there, but it would probably be something like a 90/10 split.

Looks like the E did pay the price for it.

I suspect the Ferrari’s repair bill will be the biggest, just because it’s a Ferrari 250 SWB.

Possibly, although the Ferrari appeared to suffer mostly panel damage, where as the E-type definitely suffered some deep, structural damage.

The real wild card could be the Lotus Elite’s repair bill…those cars are a fully fiberglass monocoque (no steel structure whatsoever), so you can’t just go down to Martin Robey with list of needed replacement parts. Some boat builder is going to have to rebuild that shell, and somehow verify that its strength has been restored.

Amazing that the 2nd place E escaped unscathed since he was up the 1st place E’s tailpipe the whole way.

68 E-type FHC

Taking off my Jeep hat, and putting on my Bell Star hat…nope. It was 100% the Jag’s fault: he shoved into the Lotus, and that was the cause of the chain reaction. The overtaking car has the responsibility for a safe pass…period.

Bad judgment, and/or the red mist took over.

To repair the Elite? Is gonna be VERY expensive.

That is the amazing thing about Goodwood is that almost the whole field really wants to win and are not just doing glorified hot laps. I for one am thankful for rich guys who still like to go real fast in old cars. It is great fun to watch them twitch right on the edge even though sometimes the go over it.

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Oh, me too: that said, bad judgment, in historic racing, is painfully costly. The local vintage group, RMVR, is a joke.

And all these rich guys will get’em fixed, to race again!

It’s not a diversion for the faint of heart and thin of wallet, that’s for sure. :smile:

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I once had dinner with a customer whose hobby was racing vintage airplanes. I tried to draw parallels between his hobby and vintage auto racing, but it was clear that he saw his hobby as being a level (or two) above car racing.

Listening to him talk about building an “on the edge” race engine for $150k+, and then having to point the nose skyward at the first sign that the thing was about to go BANG put “rich guy” hobbies in a whole new perspective for me.

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Oh, he is correct!!

Rare Bear” reportedly cost north of $5 mill…!!!

I took my flying lessons at the school owned by an aerobatic pilot Her aerobatic airplanes in the hanger there. The airplanes w ere frightfully small and frightfully expensive to buy and maintain. But probably not as expensive as many of the air racing classes of airplanes.