E=types in Michigan

HI all,
I’ts been a long time since I posted here! I recently acquired another etype and will be completing an ongoing rolling restoration on the car. So far all is going well, but I’ll need some things addressed.

Posting this pic of a beautiful S1Coupe I happened to see rolling through Cadillac MI. Not an everyday occurrence! Anyone here know the car?

Included a couple shots of my S1Coupe as well. I had a 68 2+2 that I loved, but parted with a few years back. This S1Coupe is the one I was after.

When’s the next informal SE MI meet up? Need to see some scruffy driver jags like mine!


One black, one white! Very Cool!!

Actually several coming up in the next 3 to 4 weekends. PM me if you want details.

Congratulations on your new E Type. It does not look like it needs much restoration, and hopefully it spent its whole life in Arizona, but good luck on your project. I am just starting a restoration on my 1974 Series III that sat in my shop for almost 30 years, and while it started out with hopes of a non-invasive mechanical restoration, it will be a lot more. I am in southeast Michigan but also have a place 50 miles from Cadillac and will be there quite a bit this fall.

Rod Crawford

Can you send me some info on SE meet ups? I am in Ann Arbor.


Hi Bob,
I sent you a PM.