E10 Petrol Is it safe to use?

Hi All! So is this new E10 petrol safe in my 1998 X308? According to the government website it is, but I don’t totally trust what they say, particularly with it being a 23 year old car, and some “experts” saying cars from about 2010 are okay!

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The problem seams to come when you leave petrol in the tank and not use the car. It attracts water.

Super is still the old stuff.E5 So I will use that if I’m gonna park the car up.

I’ve heard that too, and as I don’t use it much I’d better put super in! Also I believe the ethylene is very corrosive to some components of the fuel system, seals, tank etc.

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Anyhow, here’s what I wrote:

In my neck o’the woods E10 has been standard issue for over 20 years and my old Jags (80s-90s vintage) haven’t suffered in any way. Not, at least, in any way I can discern. And my lawnmowers, generator, chain saw, etc all work fine as well.

There are some scenarios where it might be a problem…like long term storage in a wet environment. Or much older cars with old-world seals, gasket, and hoses


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What does your owners manual say?

The owners manual for my 1985 Jag says E10 is OK !



We drove in various conditions with our MY1998 X308 3.2L XJ8 from 2006 to 2017 with 95E10 and 98E5, never an issue. We got maybe 3-5% worse mileage with 95E10 and if I knew the car would be sitting in the garage for several months I’d fill ‘er up with 98E5. And use a battery tender! I killed two batteries by just leaving the car in the garage. And once I disconnected the battery for a few months, big mistake! We had a can bus error and the car in limp mode until a workshop disconnected and cleaned the large connectors between the engine and gearbox ECU’s. After that I always kept the fuel tank full and the battery charged and the car always worked great, also in -20C weather. :slight_smile:


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This issue was around in the early days of the X308 and it caused spats between myself and Sparkanzap Ros.
It appeared that fuel pump failure were occurring in countries that were using high % of ethanol in the early ‘80s!
I don’t remember any in the UK, it also appeared more prevalent where the tank was allowed to constantly run until on reserve.