Eagle lightweight gt is my dream jag

If only. This would be my choice of cars to park next to my current e type.
Really tastefully modified and its got to be a interesting drive
Love the color the roundels . wheels tires engine and interior
What have I missed.
Have to check my savings balance

I saw one of the (three?) Eagle Speedsters in person a few years ago at Pebble Beach. It was really impressive. Beautifully done. But, for $500K, I suppose it really should be…

Ray L.

The Eagle and the Challenger were good tributes to the originals and took advantage of improvements and newer technology, and should be a continuation of a car that made history. The only problem with taking this on is the limited market for the cars, and the high cost of developing the examples we see here. Most folks, myself included, like the looks of the body, and really don’t have an interest in what makes it run. The performance aspect and the technology are secondary, and they could have most any drivetrain and still sell on looks alone. Meeting safety standards of today and reliability issues with a modern and simple drivetrain would lower the costs significantly. It is all about the mix and the appeal these days.