Early 120 chrome side lights

I was putting the side lights on the 1951 xk 120 and looking in the reference books I see 120’s with the chrome bolt-on side lights with no gasket between them and the painted fender. I purchase some rubber base gaskets for the lights but now am wondering if it is correct to have or not have them. What is correct / or preferred. I would think that the gasket will protect the paint from the sharp edge of the housing but if not correct then maybe I won’t put them. What do you guys think.

Use C2891 gaskets as per parts book.

Make sure the seal you get do not have a lip/bead around perimeter.
The seal is just a flat piece of rubber you could make them from old inner tube.
This applies to tail lights as well

Thank you guys. Yes Terry the gasket I have has a bead around it and it looks weird to me which is why I asked. I guess I will take the sharp scissors to the gasket and trim off the bead, it will look much better anyways and be correct.