Early facelift windscreen

I had my shell totally restored (welded, led loaded etc) and now the time has come to refit the windscreen.
No go.
I got me a nice new bec9535 from jcp back when they were available new. Seems as if the glass is too big. No way to get the seal to fit on the glass on one side AND cover the chrome finishers on the other.
Anyone any ideas on this?

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Maybe the H-profile is not supposed to “hug” the windscreen looking at the profile but just “catch” a little on the outside-facing edges? That way maybe it would cover the chrome finishers the way it’s supposed to?

I know that on the saloons Jaguar at some point switched from joint to glued windscreens. Maybe this is the case?

Yes, glued…anything else?

The US market early facelift is a '92, and it is “bonded” - with a black frit (dots) around the outer edge of the bonding surface. The same windscreen fits the '92 thru '96 XJS Coup and convertible regardless of what people tell you (- size dimensions, thickness, and curvature are the same. The only visible difference is that the convertible windscreen has a black circular frit at the top center to which the rear view mirror mounting lug is bonded. If you have a coupe, you can use that lug to mount the convertible mirror rather that the coupe mirror mounted to the headliner with three screws. If you remove the lug ( se heat -see YouTube on how to do that), you can mount the lug for a modern Rear View mirror with the options of Auto dim, Compass, Temperature, and Home Link garage door operator which can open 3 different garage door frequencies. Why would one continue to use the tinker toy $5 Jaguar rear view mirror when hundreds of “Smart” rear view mirrors are available (new or used ) on the internet?

Yes, there are a lot of different part numbers out there for the same Facelift windscreen - one has the circular frit for the RV mirror, one does not have the circular frit, and there are different numbers for the tints. The windscreen mounting parts did vary over the years for the Facelift, but the windscreen dimensions did not - example: my wife’s '92 coupe has a '94 convertible windscreen fitted perfectly, and with a “smart” Rear View mirror attached to that circular frit, and featuring Home Link, Auto Dim, and Compass.

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That’s good info! Thought for years now that I was doomed with 95 Coupe to not be able to ever replace windshield.

Our insurance company for the Jaguar XJS subbed the job to SafeLite. SafeLite located a windscreen (New) which they said would fit because it was dimensionally the same - it was intended (by part no.) for a '94 XJS Convertible, and happened to be made by Fuyao - see attachments. It was a perfect fit! The Triplex windscreen has a number which is common to all facelifts - 43R-00005. I polled various members of this forum and all agreed that their windscreens had this number regardless of year or coupe or convertible. There were also a number of salvage yards that claimed that all facelift windscreens were dimensionally the same. The only number that varied was the DOT number which varied if the windshield had the RV mirror circular frit or not, and with the tint of the windscreen. SafeLite never told me where they found the new Fuyao windscreen, or if it is still available.

92 XJS Coupe OEM (2)

92 XJS Coupe Replacement (2)

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Nice, so all glued windscreens are the same size, great, we know that.
What we don’t know is how the seal fits both the edge of the windscreen and edge of chrome finishers at the same time?

Your Safelite is Smarter than mine :-).

I used the Safelite online and scheduled a windshield replacement for my 95 coupe. A couple days prior to the event the local Safelite office that would be doing the work called and told me they were unable to obtain the needed windscreen.

I may pursue this again in 2022, armed with the knowledge you provided.

Well, lockheed mate I think you’re all wrong. My windscreen has all the dots and no provision for the mirror which means it’s for my early facelift car yet it’s bigger than it’s supposed to be. It’s pilkington and my chrome finishers are all correct, I have the original jcp supplied bec9535 and there is no way in hell this will ever fit. The windscreen is just too big, around half an inch all round in old money. I have seen pictures of other peoples screens where they can almost fit a finger between the edge of the screen and bodywork yet mine has exactly 0mm spacing in some places. So I’m thinking someone must have fit a cabrio windscreen to my car which must be bigger. Frits all round yet no fit.

Assume you meant “ bigger”

Of course I did. My fat fingers are struggling in 21st century.

It doesn’t look like the chrome finished and windshield butt up against each other. Looks more like they overlap

Kind of weird picture but the scale on top of the gasket kind of represents where the windshield ends and the perpendicular one is where the chrome finisher ends.

So instead of this

It might look more like this

Nothing different around the mirror. Same Triplex number mentioned earlier

Excellent! This explains everything now! From looking at these photos mine is around 1/4" bigger all round and the chrome finishers completely overlap the seal. Same frits like yours (black dots), same chrome finishers. Pilkington in big letters here, didn’t get the codes but will do.
Maybe I have a cabrio screen then?

Show me a picture of your Instrument Cluster, and your VIN number.



Not close to my car, here’s a video of the cluster

It’s 180020

OK, now show me the identifying numbers on your old windscreen and your new windscreen - as you see in the pictures below: I have included a Pilkington as well - NLA.

No, for a XJS, it only means it is meant for a Coupe - which mounts the mirror to the headliner with three screws. You can bond a mounting lug to the windscreen for any mirror (of your choice) without the black frit…

Here you go
I have a feeling you’ll want me to go back and re-take it since the sticker is obscuring most of the dot codes…

Note dots above L and below d

I assume that you are talking about a spot above the “L” of the word “Laminated”, and the spot below the “D” of the word “Laminated”? Are you really going to call this a bonded / glued windscreen based on two dots not even near the edge of the windshield where the bonding takes place? That’s beyond a far stretch! Take a look at the real bonded type windshield below to see the difference to see what the “frit” is and where ir is located. This windscreen may be for a XJS, but for one that predates the ones with a bonded / glued windscreen.