Early or Late Year Mk 2?

Which model years of the Mk 2 are early, and which are late? This would be helpful to know when ordering parts. Thanks.

I’m not sure that there’s a definitive cut line between early and late. It may depend on the part you’re looking for. My Mk2 was manufactured in January 1962 and I’ve never used early/late as a differentiator for parts. There are parts that vary based on engine number or maybe even body number. SNG Barratt’s website is a pretty good reference for this when looking at specific parts.

Thanks for your reply. I guess if it isn’t defined by known model years it could vary between parts suppliers

UK cars are not so defined by model years as US cars. Whilst there may be developments / alterations to specification during a production run, one doesn’t refer to a 62 car or 65 car etc.

One of the differences is circa late 1964 as I recall, they changed from the Moss non syncho 1st to the full syncho gearbox with the “compact” overdrive, if fitted.

In the USA at some point a small aluminum tag was added to the hood shut panel that designated the model year. My 3.8S shows a tag J/65 and it was added to the front of the VIN when registered. I believe that there was at some point a US law that required all VINs to have some designation of the year model. I have also seen BMC 64 etc.

tags for MGs etc. These may have been added by the distributor or dealer as prior to about 1967 the model year could be updated if the vehicle was still in distributor or dealer inventory around September when the next year cars were launched.