Early start to the driving season

Due to the effects of “El Nino” southern Ontario has experienced a relatively mild winter so far (the weather gods are now poised to strike!) with a paucity of the white stuff. As a result I enjoyed what I think is the earliest start I can remember to the driving season today. A temperature of +4C (39F), brilliant sunshine and, perhaps most importantly, no wind I fired up the XK and headed out for an enjoyable 40 mile gambol through the local countryside. Top down, of course, but with the collar up on the Irvin jacket and a pair of gloves it was actually quite pleasant. A portent of things to come perhaps.



I agree that we should enjoy every opportunity to drive, you may do this already. Put a blue tooth speaker in the car, download “The Best of Andrea Bocelli” on your phone, and turn up the volume. A perfect compliment to the driving experience in an XK.
Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

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we need photo evidence :nerd_face:

first drive. 32 miles into commissioning. Not been on the road since the 1970’s


I knew I liked you for a reason… :slight_smile:

Damn sure isn’t: that’s why I’m going to England at the end of March!

White 1960 Mark 1 Jaguar first drive in since the 80s , Black 1957 Mark 1 , set for 18 years before I decided it was a real find! Both needed everything, but was able to drive them both this weekend in Amarillo, Texas


Nice. I notice the white mk2 is RHD?

Hi Paul, Have a wonderful trip. I always enjoy following your post on the forum. From the bits and pieces I have gathered I think your parent’s and your life stories are so interesting.
Be well,

The white Mark 2 was shipped to South Africa from the factory. Yes right hand drive.

Nothing wrong with England in the winter. My car’s first drive in England was in December, to the VSCC driving tests. Photo is of wife holding her bribe to come out on a very chilly and foggy day. She declined to help wash the muck and salt off when we got home - hot chocolate only works so far, it seems.

p.s. I’d take Pavarotti over Bocelli any day… turned up to 11.

p.p.s. The venue was RAF Bicester, now Bicester Heritage. This was a WWII bomber base, and every building that was standing during the war is still there - with most of them fully restored. It’s a very evocative place, and is now home to many specialist companies who restore and maintain historic motor vehicles.


I’ll take the exhaust note at 3,000rpm as I bowl along!


Great stuff, Chris! Yes, the weather’s been incredible. If I hadn’t been so busy working on the cars I’d have taken one out too - well, the 120 anyway, since the E’s been sidelined for engine work. Now done so if the weather holds I’ll be taking it out for a shakedown run on Thursday when the forecast is 7°C and mostly sunny. Maybe even tomorrow. No salt on the roads either.

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Roger your car looks stunning! please remind me who did the hood?

Thanks Phil.
The entire trim job was done by Aldridges in Wolverhampton. Great firm to deal with - now owned by the workforce since Simon ‘retired’, but always seems to be there…
Pete Smith did the whole car, as he has done several XKs before. I asked specifically for the hood not to be too fully stuffed as I don’t like the round, bulbous ones that look like a hardtop. He used two layers of wadding instead of the usual three so there is still the faint outline of the hoodsticks beneath. Likewise the seats, which he filled more in the style of a 120 which gives them a slightly more ‘bucket’ feel. I don’t like the individual buckets, but they will do those if you prefer.
If you are in the XK Club, or the JDC, Aldridges’ full page adverts show the dark blue interior of a 140DHC - that’s my car. And no, I didn’t get a discount in lieu of photo credits.

Great stuff. I used Aldridge on my first XK (150 FHC) project I dealt with Simon in those daze. Great work and reasonable price.

They also did a great job on my 1937 Riley. More invention required there, but I’m very pleased with it.