Early XK120 Mark VII oil filter, clip inside canister

(Rob Reilly) #1

Does anyone have a picture or component supplier information about the Jaguar part #2743 or Tecalemit part #163122 “Circlip securing bottom Pressure Plate”, down inside the oil filter canister on early 120 and early Mark VII?
It is made of spring wire, looks something like this as best I recall.

part no. 111 here:

This would be found in filter assemblies FA2045 and FA2678 only.
All A engines, B engines to B5304 and W engines with the huge bolt on top.

(Ian) #2


(Rob Reilly) #3

Thanks Ian.
I’m not sure what angloparts sells, as their picture shows the snap ring type for XK140, but here is the original part for XK-120/Mark-VII.

It is made of .048" diameter spring wire.
15/16" ID and about 1" OD.
not quite two wraps around
Squeezing the two loops does not expand it, which would have made sense, instead you have to hold one loop with pliers and unscrew it while holding down the spring plate.

Here’s what’s inside.

I found sticky black goop under there.

Order of assembly:
coil spring
steel washer
felt washer
filter contact plate
wire clip

(Daniel Cusick) #4

Did it look like this?

That’s what I scraped off the bottom of my sump!

(Rob Reilly) #5

Yep, now aren’t you glad you did it?