East Coast Oil Leak Tour

(Ole Würtz) #21

Which concours event is that Mark ?

(Mark Gordon) #22

No concours event. I thought that I had deleted that from my draft of that posting. The Little Switzerland concours is in July, not in June as was erroneously printed in the January-February Jaguar Journal. The posting above with the final itinerary has been corrected.

(Ole Würtz) #23

OK, I thought I missed something. Good to get it cleared.


would you mind adding my name to an correspondence re. this. not sure I can go but there is a possibility.
Tom Felts tomfelts@windstream.net

(Mark Gordon) #25

Your wish is my command. I hope that we finally get to meet, Tom.

(Ole Würtz) #26

Me too - and 20 …


Drat---------just found out my granddaughters annual dance competition is that very weekend! What are the odds------4 weeks in June and it is exactly the same weekend:( Guess I can write off this trip.

(69 FHC ) #28

Or come along and write off your granddaughter’s love. :grin: :smiling_imp:

Just kidding. Grandkids events are mandatory. Is she local? Can you attend and still catch part of the tour?

(Mark Gordon) #29

Oooo! Been there done that and didn’t even get the T-shirt. Both daughters took dance lessons and had the annual dance review. Lasted about 4 hours and all the kids had to be back stage from start to end. Each daughter had about two dance numbers and were on stage for maybe 2 minutes for each performance. We had the thrill of watching other kids twirl around for about three hours, forty five minutes. :roll_eyes:


lol----that would surely do it. there were a couple of us who were going to drive down from Pittsburgh to meet with you guys for a couple of days in Petersburg. Even that won’t happen for me now. /Some others may still come.

(Paul Wigton) #31

… right of parents’/grandparents’ passage…:yum:

(Mark Gordon) #32

Still, those were some of the best years of my life.

(Geoff Allam) #33

Good times as parents but good on steroids as Grandparents! You can really enjoy them without that bothersom making a living thing.

(Dzia) #34

Is this tour E type only? I have an XJS and a TR6 and was wondering if this tour is exclusive to the E?


(Mark Gordon) #35

No, anyone is welcome to join us. My son is planning to come along in his Accura RSX. I have another friend who may be able to make it with his Porche. We’d love to have you join up. If you bring British metal, all the better.

(Bob K - 1964 FHC) #36

East Coast Oil Leak – Registration Now Open

Mark provided the East Coast Oil Leak itinerary further up this thread.

I’m serving as registrar for the event, supporting Mark. If you want to be put on the registration list, even as a Maybe, please PM me.