Ebc 3531 rubber

guys, the mechanic is redoing the engine head and the piston rings for a burned valve maybe because of the exhaust manifolds that were split. By removing the valves he realized that this rubber is missing in all of them!
how is it possible that they are not there? maybe someone first put his hand … obviously in a bad way.

I believe some engines did not have any valve stem seals, and TBH any that were there probably went so hard they were useless. A puff of blue smoke on start up is a right of passage for the AJ6 engine.

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My records show that Jaguar only fitted all 24 valve stem seals from engine serial number E163523. Prior to that I believe that EBC3531 (or their predecessor) were fitted to the inlet valves only - but I find the ‘new’ layout of the Classic Parts catalogue is confusing on that issue.

As you say, those seals didn’t last too long anyway and with slightly worn valve guides a puff of blue smoke on start-up was a sure sign that the seals needed replacement.

Great friends…but now what must we do? to put them or not to put…this is the question…

If the valve stems are a nice fit in the guides then either way IMHO, the oil consumption is greatly reduced from the XK engines <>1 pint every 300 miles if I recall correctly?

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Fit 24 seals - can’t do any harm

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