EBC Rotors/Pad Compatibility with XK (X150)


2007 Jaguar XK 2.4 Coupe Base owner here.
I have been looking for proper information regarding the compatibility of some EBC products, hoping you guys can help me out. I really want slotted and drilled rotors (sure for looks) and preferably not made in China, which puts me at Hawk and EBC only, and Hawk is not compatible on all wheels…so here I am with EBC as my only choice.
The EBC Parts Finder says “compatible” , yet every authorized dealer linked from EBC 's site says "not compatible" . I have looked at the specs, and it seems the rotors should be compatible. I’m looking at:

EBC S5KF1896 (kit with yellow stuff) Front Specs: Pad No. D1241; Vented; 5 Bolt Holes; 326mm Dia.; 47mm Height; 30mm Thick; 71mm Center Hole Dia.
EBC S5KR1598 (kit with yellow stuff) Rear Specs: Pad No. D1095; Vented; 5 Bolt Holes; 326mm Dia.; 38mm Height; 20mm Thick; 64.3mm Center Hole Dia.

So are they actually compatible? Am I missing something? Do I need to buy them separately instead to fit? Please advise.

2nd question if applicable: the same is available with Bluestuff. EBC S6KF1245 and S6KR1186 (same specs I believe) which EBC Parts Finder also says “compatible” andauthorized sellers say "not compatible" . But if they are, does anyone recommend yellow vs blue or vice versa?

Thank you all in advance