ECM repair in USA

(terence pattison) #1

I have a problem with my ECM. It’s from a very early XK8, 1996, part number LJA1410AH
My mechanic sent it to an English company, but they sent it back, saying they could not repair it.
I have come across several companies in the USA who offer repair or exchange for a refurbished. I contacted one of them, ‘Specialised ECM’ in Florida, who were honest enough to say that their replacement units would not work in an English car due to software incompatibility.
There is also a Califorrnia company on eBay offering a ‘Repait Kit - We Install’, who say they will repair my own unit for $149 plus shipping. This should overcome the software problem?
There is also a company called GoECM in Texas which was mentioned in an earlier post reply, and one called ASI in Rogersville, TN.
Has anybody any experience of them, especially the ‘Repair Kit’ people? Or are there any other options nearer to home?

Thanks, guys,

Terry Pattison

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

No experience of any but trawl through these:

(Paul Wigton) #3

I would ask the good folk at SNG Barrett.