ECU coax wire shielding

Just curious, if the coax wire going from ignition amp to ecu is shielded with a grounded shield to protect it from interference, then why is the 3-4" wire coming out of ignition box to connect to this coax wire not shielded? It is quite close to injectors.

My suspicion is that Jaguar had bad experience with the earlier Opus ignition, having to locate the amp within the vee or the wires were too long for reliable operation. Later they fixed that and were able to relocate the amp out of the vee. But they had so much trouble they probably decided to make sure to avoid trouble with the CEI and spec’d the shielded cable in the harness. Once they found the CEI was reliable and didn’t suffer from interference issues, they figured they didn’t need to bother with shielding the short wire coming out of the AB14 amp itself but left the harness design unchanged.

Just a SWAG, of course.

Probably because the pigtail wire exiting the AB14 amplifier was made by the amplifier mfg, and they didn’t get the memo on the shielding requirement for the coax wire run to the ECU. SD Faircloth

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