ECU Repair in the USA - the RESULT!

(terence pattison) #1

In a previous post I asked about getting my 1996 XK8 ECO (or ECM) repaired. My mechanic had already sent it to a firm in England (I am in Dublin) who returned it saying they could not repair it.
I trawled through eBay, and came across this firm: they’re actually called Automotive Scientific Inc., of Robertstown, Tennessee.
I paid by PayPal, and posted my well-packed ECU to them by standard post on April 11th (€30) . It arrived with them on 18th April. They shipped it free (free shipping inside the continental United States) to an address in New Jersey which is a collection point for ‘AddressPal’ - a collection service for parcels from the USA bound for Ireland operated by our Post Office Service. The shipping from NJ cost €16 and took 6 days. The repaired part arrived today, I slipped it in and the car started up and ran perfectly!
They charged me $119, or £92. so, including shipping, getting that very old ECU fixed cost a total of €154, or £133.
Guys, I think this is a terrific service and a very good price. I had been hearing horror stories about the cost of replacing an ECU, and a lot of people saying that mine couldn’t be repaired, so I am very relieved that the old girl is running again without worrying my bank manager!
The company, ASI or has a phone number: +1 866 983 6688 if you need to contact them (love those Tennessee accents!)

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Great to hear that you have your car running again. What happened to the ECU to cause it to fail?

(terence pattison) #3

Thanks, Robin. I don’t know what was wrong - I’m just happy that it is fixed!