Edis ignition install on a 3.8 with a modern fluid damper

Got halfway in to the install when I realized the instructions do not apply to a car with a modern liquid harmonic balancer. Balancer is too thick-the pick up is too low to align with the teeth of the trigger wheel and the lock nut spacer is too high to act as a retainer plate for the balancer/crank nut. Has anyone dealt with this problem? Could a spacer be made for the pick up mount? As it is I will be left with a choice of keeping my balancer and the smooth running engine or change back to the original with lower revs limit but better timing.

Just how high an RPM you plan on spinning this engine?

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I can see no reason not to make up a spacer for the trigger mount.

Can you post some pics? Not sure exactly the challenge given your description. I have EDIS on my 3.8 but with a stock harmonic balancer.

Stock is thinner and would work as designed. The newer fluid dampers allow you to rev higher without introducing vibration distortions. One is already installed on my car and all the pulleys line up as I also have an alternator. If I went back to original damper too many adjustments would need to be made. Problem only that the installed trigger wheel now sits too far out-only half the trigger cog width sits over the sensor. Easier to make a plate that fits under sensor mount to raise it 1/8". Viewing the uk forum some have made a trigger wheel that fits under the thicker balancers but they fabricated a whole different sensor mount-far beyond my ability and I lack the machines they used.
How high do I rev my engine? Well 6000 is stock limit and even at lower revs you get a benefit of a smoother engine though perhaps not as noticeable. Adding the trigger wheel means things are no longer “all balanced as a unit” as it was coming from the factory so any increased balancing ability is all good.

My trigger wheel is mounted on the back of the pulley that mounts on the damper. I had to make a custom bracket for the sensor. Would seem like you’d need to do the same. Bracket, in theory, can be mounted wherever it needs to go…just needs to be sturdy enough that it doesn’t flex or vibrate as that would affect the sensing of the trigger wheel. I used a couple empty bolt holes on the exhaust side of the block to mount mine.